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What to do after 12th? Have a Look at Most Promising Career Options

There are so many career options for students after passing the 12th. Choosing the best one is one of the most challenging decisions of their life. It is because you never know where you would stand after 4 to 5 years. We are here to help you choose the best career option in India

Some of the students may have wanted to become a scientist, lawyer or doctor in their childhood but their conditions are not that favorable. Such types of situations take place very often. The problem is that most students don’t know about different career options out there. 

Of course, most students want to become engineers or doctors these days. But there is always a better option. The problem is that you don’t know about them. Don’t worry because we are going to share a few of the best career options according to your academic level. 


If you are looking for a career option which both exciting and rewarding, look no further than fireman training. The best thing is that you don’t have to earn a graduate or post graduate degree. You can start your training just after the 12th. You can choose from diploma to PG level courses. Firemen also have a lot of perks from job security to a decent package. 

After completing your training, you can join different industries like food, electronics, coal industry, civil construction, civil fire station, defense service, and even more. Around 50000 fire and safety personnel are required every year in several government departments. 

Most of the students prefer this field as it is one of the most lucrative sectors and provides a secure career to the students. If you have cleared 12th and you are a non-medical student, you are most likely to pursue this career option. 

If you are a commerce student, you may definitely want to become a CA and you should be aiming to clear the Common Proficiency Test or CPT exam. The CPT exam is conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) to pursue the course of Chartered Accountancy. You can qualify your entrance exam like the SET exam and go for other institutions. Commerce is one of the lucrative career options and you can have a highly rewarding and secured career option. 

It is the most underrated option after 12th but you can have a great career if you pursue the same with dedication and interest. There are loads of options in this field like Mass Communication, Literature, History, Law and others. There are also plenty of courses. You can get into graphics designing, fashion designing, filmmaking, and other artistic works. 

We hope you liked the above career options after 12th, as per your stream and interest. If you want to do something different and fly high in your life, we would obviously recommend fireman training.

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